Sunday, September 23, 2012

What to wear as a wedding quest - a maxi dress!

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Outfit....Without Upstaging The Bride!

For most people, summer is one long festival of nights out with friends, ‘glamping’ it up, holidays abroad and weddings. With the days being largely hazy and the nights relatively mild, this is the perfect season to glam up your style by a notch or two.

However, the beauty of a maxi dress is its versatility, making it a suitable winter item as well as the perfect summer go-to.  

Whether you opt for several new evening dresses or prefer to shop for a specific occasion, the maxi dress is an absolute must.

This versatile number can be worn to both ‘dressy’ and low-key events and is just as easy to glam up as it is to dress down. A flirty and fun dress is a great option for a summer wedding, the length will not only elongate the figure, it will also take you from day to night in one simple step.

In order to stay on trend for the summer season, try a daring choice and invest in something a little brighter than your normal attire. Colour blocking with shocking hues and vivid prints is a great way to stand out in style. Alternatively, flaunt your wild side in an animal or tribal print. The classic maxi has taken on a definite twist and is now incorporating an array of tiger, cheetah and zebra styles.

Spicing up the classic maxi has never been easier and can be achieved by choosing an asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder ensemble. Thigh high splits are another way to add a little more glamour to an otherwise subtle outfit choice.

Whatever style you choose to invest in, make sure it’s easy to wear. Choosing something that looks priceless is all well and good, but if you are unable to move freely you may risk a wardrobe malfunction.

Anyone who is lucky enough to attend a summer wedding will be given the chance to splash out on something extra-special. There are many occasions that call for a statement dress, with a wedding or wedding reception being among the most obvious.

All-day weddings require an outfit that is both workable and comfortable on the dance floor, especially if the event in question is scheduled to go on right through the night.

A strapless maxi dress will allow you to make a stately entrance. Shining in sequins, metallic hues and beads is also very much encouraged. Ruffles, swirls and floaty layers create a softer and more feminine style, which is perfect for this type of event.

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